Too Fast To Be House, Too Low To Be Trance

Soos and Netter System deliver us a five song EP full of mist and 90s vibes. From the beginning this work takes us back to a party set decades ago in which Breakbeat, House and Trance converge generating a series of sensations that are extrapolated. Digital and analog elements are mixed in the same timeline that in the end they reach the same conclusion: move the body.

As the tracks passed by, the haze and white noise fill the imaginary space of our mind. Elements of bands like Spiritualized and many vocal samples fill the atmosphere throughout the tracks creating a well-being and at the same time an explosion of energy that causes you to move your body.

On the other hand, it is worth noting the maturity and the way in which sounds are handled in this work. In some parts it feels like being in the lobby of an European hotel: melancholic sounds that take time to mature in a very short amount of time. It's super enriching to listen layers and layers of sound that fall perfectly into place. In some parts the same melancholy takes us back to that time when the city of Leeds and Nightmares on Wax dominated the slopes. On the other hand, Latin America feels very present in the core of this EP. Without a doubt, a work full of surprises and sounds that are not easily found.

Review by Cristian Mota   

Talking about the work behind the develop of the graphic material and with the help of some collaborators/friends we deliver a bunch of video materials; to present the EP we recorded a mini clip directed/edited by Mateo Arce with some lo-fi effects made by Javier Campesino. For this video we try to explain the producer's main message: an ambient noisy track that have a deep dialogue of love.

The tracks Jock Jam & 10so were made with the help of uinaina, the idea was to make dance the animated characters on the cover using some videos from the Thunderdome Festival from 90s showing compressed and pixelated images giving a cyber-nostalgic vibes in the background and making a perfect match in both tracks.  

Jock Jam video and track were premiered by Definite Party Material

10so video and track were premiered by Liquid Youth 


More items inspired by this release are coming soon, stay tuned with media.